Whatever brings you to Speech therapy or Feeding therapy, I will tailor your treatment plan to support your child & your family's needs.  I am dedicated to working with babies and children's speech, language & feeding difficulties. I see children in my therapy room in Willesden Green, NW2 4PG or I can come to your home, school or nursery.  I also offer ongoing Skype, email and text support. 


Your child may benefit from Speech & Language Therapy if you

notice any of the following difficulties:

  • late to start talking

  • difficulty concentrating and listening

  • not understanding what is said to them (e.g. following instructions)

  • not linking words to form sentences

  • unclear speech

  • not playing with or interacting socially with others

Your baby/child may benefit from Feeding/Dysphagia Therapy

if there are any of the following problems:

  • splattering, gagging/retching or coughing during breastfeeding or bottle-feeding

  • not drinking/weaning from bottle to cup

  • refuse to feed or eat 

  • losing weight despite feeding "constantly" day and night

  • struggling to wean to solids

  • gagging on lumpy solids

  • drooling and losing foods and drinks from their mouth

  • no chewing and coughing on solids

  • frequent unexplained chest infections

If you think your child may benefit from our support, please call or email to discuss your concerns.  


Initial assessments for feeding/eating or speech and language difficulties typically take  about 90 minutes. On completion I will be able to discuss therapy options and recommendations with you.   After that, if we decide to start a therapy programme, I will design and discuss with you an individualised course of therapy, specifically tailored to your child's needs. 

For feeding, eating and swallowing evaluation a full case and medical history is taken and your baby or child will be observed during a meal time. 


Intervention activities designed for speech and language development usually comprise of a variety of games, stories, art and crafts activities, as well as music and exercises, all designed to make learning and communicating fun and enjoyable for your child.  I incorporate all my skills and specialised training into every therapy session and draw on my extensive knowledge and experience.

I support and guide you or the caregivers to help your child and enhance communication between you and your child during normal, daily activities.

Your role in therapy sessions is just as important as your child's. Together we will explore what works for your child and what he or she enjoys doing.  I will demonstrate techniques that you can use and help you embed these strategies into your child's daily routine. Where possible, I try to not make extra activities for you during the day knowing how hectic life mostly is already!

The number of sessions each child needs varies depending on the severity and nature of the problem, as well as the age of your child and other emotional, physical and social aspects involved. I typically recommend a block of 6-8 sessions to allow sufficient time for progress to be made Intervention for feeding/swallowing related difficulties can sometimes be resolved more quickly and might need only 3 or 4 therapy sessions, and followed up with reviews when needed. 


“When my son was first diagnosed with autism my world fell apart and I did not know who to turn to for help.  Sonja [McGeachie, practice owner] was a big help in my journey of coming to terms with the diagnosis and she taught me step by step how to help Ben interact with us.  Ben is now saying a few words... He has less temper tantrums when we use the strategies Sonja gave us.  

Sonja goes the extra mile, she is great at supporting us directly in the sessions but is also generous with advice if we need it in between the sessions, she always responds even when she is on holiday which is amazing. I highly recommend Sonja to anyone who needs help with speech and language therapy.”

Cynthia, mother of Ben (3.5 years)

Please call or email us today to learn more about how we can support you and your child.

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