• Sonja McGeachie

Books and Story Time will help your child to learn and love language

Updated: May 4, 2019

Books and Stories are a wonderful means to engage and interact with your little ones…..

The most important aspect of books for your baby or toddler from 12 months onwards is that sharing books is a warm, happy and interactive experience for them. Now is the time to establish a foundation of joy and interest in books that will end up lasting a lifetime. Sit your toddler on your knee or sit next to them on the sofa so that you are close and cosy together while you both look at the pictures. Make sure your toddler knows that you are really interested in the pictures as well.

The best type of content at around 12 months of age should be brightly coloured pictures of familiar objects, as well as photos of real people or animals your child is familiar with. He/she will enjoy looking at small details now and you might also get some of the textured ‘feely’ books available now which you can explore together.

Ideal are also books with sound buttons to press so that you can listen together to some animal noises that go with the pictures. Your toddler will be delighted to hear the puppy bark as you are looking at the picture.

Follow your child’s lead.That means, wait until she/he turns the pages and wait to see which picture is of great interest to them. They will show you by patting the picture repeatedly and this is your cue to start talking about the picture of interest in very simple language. Don’t try and lead by extending the story beyond their interest. As soon as they want to turn the page and move on, follow their lead.

Little extras you can add to help your child focus and learn:

Objects: You might like to collect some accessories that complement a story. For example, a few soft-toy farm animals would be great to show your child as you both look at the pictures of a cow, pig, horse and so on. Or you could blow up a red balloon alongside your ‘Pip and Posy: The Big Balloon’ book, to help your child learn about something getting bigger and bigger and then flying up! up! up!.

Dressing up: have fun putting on a silly hat or two when reading “the ‘cat in the hat’

Here is a list of great books for this age, but this list is by no means exclusive.

Do let me know if you have any other great books to add to the list!

Touch and Feel Fluffy Chick,Rod Campbell (Campbell Books)

My Farm, Rod Campbell (Campbell Books)

Clever Dog, Kip! Benedict Blathwayt (Julia Macrae)

Hide And Seek With Duck, Jo Lodge (Bodley Heath)

Where Is Spot?Eric Hill (Puffin)

The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Eric Carle (Hamish Hamilton)

Brown Bear Brown Bear, Eric Carle (Hamish Hamilton)

Pip And Posy: The Big Balloon, Axel Scheffler (Nosy Crow)

Dr Seuss board books (HarperCollins)

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